About Us:

Advanced Technology Services Inc. was established in the Rogue Valley in 1982. Our company was born with the idea of delivering satellite television to those in Southern Oregon who were unable to receive cable TV or desired an alternative option. Throughout the years, we have diversified our products for residential, commercial and mobile customers. We are now authorized as a Pioneer Elite dealer and are certified for Motosat sales and services. We will work with your existing equipment or ours to complete home theater installation of the equipment that makes your dreams come true. In this continuously changing industry, we specialize in keeping you connected from home to the road and back again.

In 1990, home theaters became the craze of consumers who desired an experience unlike anything they had seen before.  Consumers wanted greater sound quality, a larger screen, and a higher resolution picture, which Pioneer televisions have always delivered.  They wanted to enjoy these benefits of home theater installation in the privacy of their own homes.  Since this onset, we have researched and brought forth quality product lines, such as: Plasma Pioneer televisions, Toshiba, Samsung, Mitsubishi, TruAudio, Russound and Universal Remote Controls. Through our years of installation and service, our experience has helped us to determine the product lines we carry today.

In 1994, a major change occurred for satellite TV. DirecTV created what was known as the mini dish era. DirecTV was soon followed by Dish network, which then provided satellite TV signal, digital picture, and sound. When mini dish systems appeared on the market, it increased the availability of satellite TV to consumers. As a result, the market today includes the current features of high definition programming (Hi Def) and digital video recording (DVR).  By adding Pioneer televisions and audio equipment to your current setup, we can perform a home theater installation that transforms your existing tv room into your own personal theater.  Now in 2008, satellite and internet are networked together by the availability of features like "video on demand" and "media share." Our company understands how to customize your home theater installation to make your home theater complete.

In 2001, our products and services expanded.  With our Motosat sales of RV HD Satellite systems for both DirecTv and Dishnetwork, our company is certified and is one of the authorized Motosat dealers in the area of RV and mobile technology.  This allows us to offer in motion satellite TV and automatic mobile systems. We are also very proud of our title as a pioneer elite dealer, because we can offer you pioneer televisions for the best picture and sound available.  Our experience with Motosat sales allows us to provide RV Internet through Motosat's full line of RV HD satellite options, including the Motosat Datastorm.  Adding a pioneer television to your mobile set up with RV HD satellite system will have your system out-performing the rest.  Today’s technology offers mobile customers unsurpassed ease of use of their RV HD satellite, with features like Hi-Definition programming, which operates through the use of a system that can simultaneously auto acquire up to 5 satellite locations at a time.  Our understanding, knowledge, and experience with signal distribution in your coach is a sure benefit to you, as our customer. We make it work.

In 2002, mobile 2-way broadband internet arrived on the market and began to be used by both individuals and businesses with the Motosat datastorm system. Our company's status as one of the best Motosat dealers includes motosat sales, service, and installation with this RV internet system.  Current features with Motosat Datastorm allow for e-mail, surfing, and downloading.  High bandwidth packages include video conferencing and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).  Now consumers and business owners can go on the road with this reliable motosat datastorm 2-way high speed RV internet system. By using RV internet, individuals can more conveniently and consistently stay in touch with family and friends. Businesses around the world such as emergency services, military, command centers, oil and drilling companies, medical practices, and data collection services use one of these many RV Internet systems. In most cases, Motosat dealers, such as us, can add products to a Motosat datastorm antenna model, (ie: G74, G75, XF2, XF3, and MD500) to also receive some satellite TV service.

We pride ourselves on holding our place as a leader in this ever changing world of home theater installation, RV HD Satellite, and  RV internet.  We strive to continue our product education and to deliver the highes